Inspired by the Claytons Resilience Curriculum

Ella Jenkins


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It’s a scary word sometimes, isn’t it? Daunting, crazy even. Sometimes if you look at something, you’ll dismiss it as ‘that’s impossible’, just because it seems too daunting, too crazy. But is it? Inside this book is the message of how impossibilities might be conquered if only you look at how you can approach them, how you can push yourself to facing fears, and realising that maybe everything you thought impossible may not actually turn out as thought. You’ll never really know until you try, and the only way you can do that is if you take the risk to do the impossible. Challenge yourself to take the message to heart, complete the impossible, and then, take a look at yourself in a week, a month from reading and then ask, “Do you say ‘that’s impossible!’ anymore?”


Ella Jenkins:
Ella Jenkins is a young author. Her first book, Impossible was inspired by lessons taught at her primary school called Resilience, which aims to give children the tools they need to cope with what life can throw at them. When she’s not writing she is also an aspiring artist and fencer and also runs. She loves hiking, laughing with friends and reading.