The Shepherds of Inequality

The Shepherds of Inequality

And the Futility of Our Efforts to Stop Them

Dawn Pretorius


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The Shepherds of Inequality and the Futility of Our Efforts to Stop Them provides the reader with well-researched information on money-laundering cases that made news in the years from 2022. From trafficking people, donkeys, and sand, to ingenious bankers, people in power, and the very rich, a picture emerges of what must be the biggest industry in the world, because ongoing opportunities exist everywhere for anybody. The world response known as anti-money-laundering legislation is traced to its origin and the measures being taken to combat this scourge. Her findings reveal a bureaucracy of compliance initiatives that cost financial services a lot of money with relatively little success, although well intended. The reasons, the author contends, are that much of the laws relating to tax application, company structures, offshore tax havens, justice systems protecting heads of state, the variety and ease with which money and cryptocurrencies can be moved, and the culture of greed have led to global inequality and undernourished economies. The world is on the wrong path to minimize money laundering.


Dawn Pretorius:
Dawn Pretorius has some twenty years of running her own consultancy business focusing on governance, risk, and compliance for financial services. Her practice is registered with the Financial Sector Conduct Authority in South Africa. Her career in the corporate world focused on banking from a number of different perspectives, ranging from wealth management, international investment opportunities, estate and trust planning as well as lecturer mainly related to bankers. Her qualifications include a Master’s Degree in Commerce, B.Tech in Banking and a Wits Business School Management Advancement Program. She also holds a number of certified courses offered by the Institute of Bankers in areas related to estate and trust management. Her book Beyond Play, published in 2014 represents a down-to-earth approach to governance, risk. and compliance. Concerns around the exponential growth of money laundering globally and efforts to curtail it, led her to write this book.