A Place Without Time

Paul Merkel


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About the Author

Paul Andrew Merkel is a sought-after speaker, inspiring and educating youth and adults alike to follow their dreams. After living in the darkness of prison, he found his way to a life of happiness. Paul shares his struggle with others, encouraging them to pursue the life they secretly desire.

Paul inspires passion for life, hope, and the pursuit of happiness in his listeners. His story is one of caution to keep young people from destroying their chances for a happy life. Paul has spent the last twenty-five years sharing his message of hope with the US military, law enforcement, youth and adult offenders, high schools, youth groups, and inside the prisons of America. He shares from the soul about his loss of freedom and incarceration and the lessons learned from the one choice he made.

Paul grew up in the suburbs of Chicago in an upper middle class home, living the American dream. His choice of one night changed it all, leading to the heartbreaking journey behind bars and the loss of his dream of a military career. Paul rebuilt his life in a new direction after prison, discovering a new destiny. Paul married and has two beautiful children that he adores. Far from the suburbs of Chicago, Paul has lived in Anchorage, Alaska, for the past two decades. Paul's passion and love for life are contagious. He is qualified to address this topic like no other. Paul's hope is that all discover their destiny.

Don Shafer

friend, entrepreneur, and inspirational speaker