Systems for Printed Flexible Sensors

Systems for Printed Flexible Sensors

Design and implementation


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Flexible devices are gradually emerging as an alternative viable low-cost user-friendly technology for wearable health care services in different fields. Some of the attractive features of flexible devices are the integration of multiple sensing units with electronic circuits for any planar and non-planar mounting surfaces. With the advancement of flexible technologies, now the devices can be fabricated with superior response characteristics comparable to the conventional silicon IC technology. The purpose of the present book is to provide the readers with a single platform to develop a system using flexible sensors integrating with interfacing/signal conditioning, data conversion and communication circuits.

Key Features

  • First book with focus on interfacing flexible sensors
  • Comprehensive topics on different types of flexible sensors for sensing applications
  • Selection of materials, design of sensor structures and fabrication of the flexible sensors
  • Interfacing circuits for a range of flexible sensors including capacitive and imperfect capacitive sensors, resistive sensors and others
  • Extensive incorporation of case studies