Administrative Reports

Administrative Reports

A Corpus Study of the Genre in the EU and Polish National Settings

Katarzyna Wasilewska


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This book is the first comprehensive study of administrative reports. It investigates the reports prepared in the EU and national settings using a multidimensional genre analysis model. The book provides an account of the context of production and use of the reports and a corpus analysis of the macrostructure, lexico-grammatical patterns and multimodal aspects of the reports. Administrative reports are a hybrid and dynamic genre with salient linguistic features and two varieties: a highly institutionalised EU one, and a more varied national one. The reports are a powerful instrument in the communication policy of the institutions, performing informative and image-building functions. The book is an important contribution to the study of administrative language and the Eurolect.


Katarzyna Wasilewska:

Katarzyna Wasilewska completed PhD studies in Linguistics at the University of Warsaw and BA studies in International Economics at the Warsaw School of Economics. Her research interests include corpus linguistics, institutional translation and the language of finance and economy.