Anglo-American and Polish Proverbs

Anglo-American and Polish Proverbs

Linguo-Cultural Perspective on Traditional Values

Bozena Kochman-Haladyj


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The main purpose of the publication is to present a linguo-cultural picture of traditional values (such as the value of life, freedom, dignity, family, religion, community, truth, good, beauty, and God) reflected in Anglo-American and Polish paremiology. The author analyzes the proverbs with the use of semantic approach and divides them into several thematic categories and subcategories related to the sphere of values. The paremiological analysis carried out from a contrastive perspective provides additional evidence to support the claim that, despite some widespread axiological views common to languages, there exist distinct differences characteristic only of a given linguo-culture, naturally caused by different, among others, geographical, historical, social, and cultural environments.


Bozena Kochman-Haladyj:

Bożena Kochman-Haładyj has been affiliated with the English Department of Modern Languages at the University of Rzeszow, Poland, where she holds a teaching and research position in the section of Contemporary and Historical English and Comparative Linguistics. Her scientific interests embrace sociolinguistics, semantics, paremiology, contrastive paremiology, linguistic culturology.