Pearls of Wisdom ~ Within Drops of Inspiration

Pearls of Wisdom ~ Within Drops of Inspiration

Cosmic Conversations Volume 1

Deborah J Williams


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The first in a trilogy, Pearls of Wisdom within Drops of Inspiration offers a compilation of verses author Deborah J. Williams received intuitively during a three-year period. Each verse facilitates deeper inspirational guidance and challenges current understanding by offering awareness of differing perspectives, sparking your inspirational journey. Some of the selections are designed as meditative tools to broaden your mind and connect with the whisperings of your soul. Others will awaken deeper conscious understanding triggered by intuitive wisdom, and some may challenge you. They’re all intended to enlighten, inspire, motivate, and facilitate deeper understanding, while assimilating, integrating, and digesting the enlightenment received. Some pieces may help you explore your current perceptions and triggers that may not align with the growth and changing of your conscious understanding as you move deeper into individualistic spiritual growth. These timeless poems and meditative guides evoke a deeper understanding of your own sovereign divinity as you open to the higher understanding and vibrational awareness of the origins of your creative consciousness. They invite you to explore the acknowledgement that we are beings of love walking each other home to the oneness that is us at the essence of our vibrational light.