Van Gross, M.D. of Philadelphia

Van Gross, M.D. of Philadelphia

A Shadow Presidency If There Ever Was One

Kenneth Bruce Van Gross M.D.


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The culmination of a 25-year Essay and Poem Series beginning in 1997, Van Gross, MD of Philadelphia captures the final six years of this four-book journey. Leading off with the revenge packed Van Gross of Monte Cristo that covered 1997-2004, followed by the mega-compilation Five Books of Van Gross’s spanning 2004- 2007 and its acclaimed follow-up Van-Dalismo 2008-2015, Kenneth Bruce Van Gross, M.D. either was to enter the dust bin of history with the ultra-contemporary Van Gross, M.D. of Philadelphia (traversing 2016- mid 2022) or induce an irrevocable stupor in those who actually muddled through this ridiculous collection of so-called literary works. But seriously folks, take the Master Work Quarter Century Series, please. And throw in the now legendary Visiting Other Countries with Coral Brain and “Friends”. Mark Twain, P.J. O’Rourke, Kerouac, Keats, Whitman, Freud, Jung, Camus, Lenny Bruce, Sinclair Lewis, political commentators up the wazoo, you like all these things? You enjoyed the Healthcare, Education, Sports, Race and Philosophy positing in the prior four essay/poetry volumes that turned you into combos of Fauci, Jonas Salk, Paolo Freire, Red Smith, Kierkegaard and Bob Marley? Well, all these characters are embodied in the multi-dimensional Van Gross, M.D. mind climax in this epic final volume, Van Gross, M.D. of Philadelphia.