Find Your Ideal Employee

Find Your Ideal Employee

How to consistently find great staff for your business.

Brad Flynn


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It can be hard to find great employees and the worst time to hire is when you are forced to.
You know the secrets and the system to consistently and predictably attract and hire ideal employees.

As a business grows, the greatest source of frustration for business owners around the world can be finding and keeping great staff.

It's not that small business owners never work hard enough, they do. Putting their blood sweat and tears into their enterprise with the life long dream of freedom and choice, too often turns into a nightmare for a large majority of small business owners around the world.

What if there was a tried and tested series of simple steps that don't require you to spend a bunch of money on adverts or recruitment consultants and gives you a waiting list of your ideal employees, queuing up and wanting to work for you?

Finally learn the secrets so you can;

¥ Easily attract (not chase) the type of people you want to work for you.
¥ Apply the golden rules of recruitment to save you avoidable headaches.
¥ Ask great questions during the hiring phase so that you easily identify the candidates who do not match what is best for you and your business.
¥ Build your own Perpetual Recruitment Machine (PRM) that does all the heavy lifting for you and you never recruit the wrong person again.

Author and mentor Brad Flynn shares with you his tried and true framework to attract great employees to your business, based on working with 1000's of business owners since 2010.