The Bible in the Light of Religious Science

The Bible in the Light of Religious Science

Ernest Holmes


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Religious Science is the science of mind and Spirit, a culmination of the age-long search for Truth. Those responsible for this movement lay no claim to any special dispensation of Providence, not a special revelation of Truth. Religious Science contains the best thought of the ages and presents this thought in a manner that can be understood by all.

Religious Science is psychological, metaphysical, mental, spiritual, idealistic and practical. It is psychological as it deals with the operations of the human mind, meta-physical as it shows the human mind to be an extension of the Divine Mind. The human mind is an instrument through which the Divine Mind functions on the plane of individual life.

Every man is in search of Truth, of something that will make him happy, certain of himself and of life. The very fact that everyone is seeking Truth proves that it exists for all. The universe plays no favorites, has no pets. The Truth is free to all and “whosoever will, may come.”

Strange as it may appear, the Bible contains a key to health, happiness and success. It promises more than any other book ever written. It tells how to obtain and what to avoid. When understood, the Bible is a scientific text book.

The two great teachers of the Bible are Moses and Jesus. Moses taught the universal law of cause and effect. Jesus tells us of a direct relationship between God and man. One is not complete without the other. Both teachings are necessary. We are individuals living in a universe of law and order; a perfectly balanced, normal viewpoint, connecting life with living, is, in the last analysis, what we are all seeking.


Ernest Holmes: