The Kingdom of God in Working Clothes

The Kingdom of God in Working Clothes

The Marketplace and the Reign of God

R. Paul Stevens


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Work occupies most of our waking time, whether it is in a factory, office, school, or at home. But unfortunately most people of faith separate their working life from their worshipping life. Dualism is a pernicious heresy that has infected believers worldwide, namely, that church work and missionary service are holy and our everyday work is secular. In this timely volume Stevens explores the connection of the kingdom of God--the master thought of Jesus--with the marketplace. Traditionally people have either related the kingdom of God--God's new world coming--either exclusively for the present or only for the distant future. But it is both, now and coming. This gives meaning, hope, and endurance to our work in the world. So daily labor in the marketplace gets reoriented through salty values and ingrained virtues. We become double agent spies exploring the new world coming in everyday life. We can also grapple helpfully with the resistance we face daily in the workplace. There are many books on the kingdom of God and many on work. Few have brought these two vital arenas of everyday service together. It is indeed part of the good news.


R. Paul Stevens:
R. Paul Stevens is Professor Emeritus in Marketplace Theology, Regent College, Vancouver, BC and Chairman of the Institute for Marketplace Transformation. He has written widely on everyday life themes and the workplace in particular, including The Complete Book of Everyday Christianity, Taking Your Soul to Work (with Alvin Ung), Money Matters (with Clive Lim), Marriage Spirituality, Work Matters, and Doing God’s Business. He is married to Gail, has three married children, eight grandchildren, and two great-grandsons. He loves to canoe in northern Canada and walks extensively every day.