A Delicate Game

A Delicate Game

Brain Injury, Sport and Sacrifice

Hana Walker-Brown


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A footballer dies of dementia, younger than he should
A 14-year old-rugby player is told to play on through multiple blows. He never wakes up from the last one
A scientist reveals a pattern of brain disease in NFL players and is discredited
A survivor of domestic abuse can't remember details when standing up in court

From the creator of the award-winning podcast A Beautiful Brain.

This is the story of the degenerative brain disease, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), concussive and sub-concussive trauma. It is also a story of power, of science and sport, and of the bodies that society deems worth sacrificing.
It is an investigation that explores the truth about concussion in sport and beyond it, from the social dynamics that send young men into violent sports, to the scientists searching for truth and the families living with consequences. This story belongs to those families.
A Delicate Game explores the passion and fury of sport, truth and justice, violence against women, privilege, love, greed, hope and redemption. It's going to change the way you think about sport forever.


'This book is vital, compassionate and fascinating. It has and will continue to change lives all over the world' - Steve Thompson

'Moving...persuasive...timely...absorbing...well-researched...required reading' Sunday Times

'Hana Walker-Brown is a powerful new voice in narrative non-fiction. A Delicate Game is sensitive, crushing, vivid and unforgettable' Will Storr

'A MUST read book for anybody involved in sports, the facts and truth needs to be common knowledge for everyone.' - Alix Popham

'A Delicate Game is a beautifully written, deeply moving and absolutely mind-blowing read. Hana Walker-Brown gives such deep insights that it often feels like you are right next to her in her encounters, privileged enough to be listening. A Delicate Game combines excellent investigative reporting with a uniquely passionate voice that is calling for immediate action. Everyone should read this book!' - Julia Ebner

'A heartbreaking but really important book. I can hugely recommend to all' Fi Glover

'Sharp, smart and vital. Walker-Brown is a super duper mega talent' - Anneka Harry

'It is hard to summarise the level of skill required to execute a multifaceted book like this. A book with real depth that will stay with me for a long time. The literary world of investigative journalism has just gained a new talent'
Dr Sophie Mort

Praise for The Beautiful Brain
'Thoughtful, compelling and frequently hard-hitting, The Beautiful Brain is a powerful cri-de-Coeur against an industry failure to protect those who keep it afloat' - Fiona Sturgess, Financial Times
'A lovely and painful listen. Lovely because of the care and tenderness Walker-Brown puts into her work; painful because of the subject matter. The Beautiful Brain is essential listening' - Miranda Sawyer, Observer
'I can't stop thinking about its core message - the breadth or argument and depth of detail are remarkable" - Gillian Reynolds, Sunday Times
'It's gripping and essential - if often overwhelmingly poignant and righteously enraging, as much a call-to-arms as a piece of investigative journalism' - Esquire
'Hana's attention to detail and storytelling skills have created something that is having and will continue to have a lot of impact' - Halina Haag, PHD Researcher and Brain Trauma Survivor
'A simple thank you is not reflective of the impact of this story, and it's delivery' - Jodie Marshall, Canadian Council for First Aid Education and British Red Cross


Hana Walker-Brown:

Hana Walker-Brown is a multi-award-winning audio documentary maker, writer and the Creative Director for Broccoli Productions, a London based podcast production company founded in direct response to the lack of opportunities for minority talent both in front of and behind the mic. In 2019, Hana Walker-Brown created the Audible original, The Beautiful Brain, a multi-award-winning podcast docuseries about West Bromwich Albion hero Jeff Astle and CTE.

Hana is a fearless and passionate advocate of multi-media storytelling and has covered an exceptional range of stories, taking the big world stuff and making it human. She is a guest lecturer at Goldsmiths College, University of London and has given talks and masterclasses around the world about her work and creative processes.

Hana has created work for Audible, the BBC, the Guardian, National Geographic, Spotify and Warner Brothers among many others.