The Future Path of SMEs

The Future Path of SMEs

How to Grow in the New Global Economy

Amr Sukkar


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This book tries to support the elaboration and implementation of strategies and to foster SMEs and entrepreneurship development.

Most of businesses fall within the category of start-up, small and medium size enterprises. Therefore, governments in part of their quest to reform the economy and related regulatory management systems as well as the entrepreneurship support ecosystem. This was done with a view to securing the national governance empowerment deemed necessary for the economic and political fostering, adaptation, growth and progress of this sector.

These endeavors serve as an essential part of the economic reform needed to generally guide the economy to a balanced and sustained growth vision. This vision aims specifically at achieving a balanced and diversified skill-based economy that is ultimately dependent on knowledge, innovation and competitiveness. This obviously arises from the ventures of entrepreneurs, startups as well as small and medium size enterprises (SMEs).

In this context, this book tries to support the elaboration and implementation of strategies and to foster SMEs and entrepreneurship development. This will include contribution to set a guide to illustrate the scientific way for the identification of stakeholders and dialogue platforms as well as the institutionalization of the processes and systems required to improve the regulatory framework for SME development.

The book also provides the consultancy effort needed to support governments in setting targets for SME policy development and to identify strategic priorities to further improve the business environment.


Amr Sukkar:
Amr Sukkar, PhD, MBA, is a management associate professor and business economist expert at the European Union. He also manages/directs a leading medical company, and teaches management for MBA and DBA programs at different business schools as well as public administration and management at several prestigious international and local universities. Sukkar develops and delivers training programs (entrepreneurship, SMEs, and strategic management). In addition. Moreover, he is a project and strategic management consultant for several organizations. He is experienced in international and multinational corporates. He published articles focused on SMEs, leadership, governances, and sustainable development in international scientific journals.