Number Two

Number Two

Joshua L. Light


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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to adorn camel skin and offer crunchy treats of wild honey and locust, while all the time redirecting the focus to raise up someone else? Do you dream of how to make yourself less noticeable and others more noticeable? Have you ever longed to be alive but also a sacrifice? Well, in point of fact, these are not my first thoughts in the morning. It's not the common action of mankind to discover new and fascinating ways to die to ourselves, but that is the challenge that Joshua Light has put forth in his book, Number Two. Josh takes us on a journey that is as humorous as it is encouraging. Number Two is a subtle reminder that the Great Commission remains intact. We're still supposed to put others above ourselves. Basically, to go forth and make disciples. Not disciples of us, but of the Lord Jesus Christ. Want to know the difference?


Joshua L. Light:
Joshua L. Light is a native of Tennessee and serves at the Reformed Evangelistic Fellowship in Bristol, Tennessee, as the chief operating officer, and as an adjunct professor at Graham Bible College. He is a graduate of Northeast State Community College, with an associate's degree in philosophy; Graham Bible College, bachelor of biblical education, in 2009; Birmingham Theological Seminary in 2015 (MDiv), and is scheduled to complete a doctorate in ministry through the same seminary.