The Mystical Life

The Mystical Life

Pascal P. Parente


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The scope of this volume is distinct from that of THE ASCETICAL LIFE, also by Dr. Parente. Here the author discusses the higher realms in the life of prayer. As in the former work, he treats the subject with the greatest clearness.

Why should a priest be acquainted with mystical theology? One reason is that at some time he may be the spiritual director of a soul that is in the way of the mystical life. Without adequate knowledge he is likely to be an unreliable guide.

The work is divided into three parts, as follows:

I. General Aspects and Basic Elements of Mysticism

II. Mystical States in Particular

III. Mystical Phenomena

The third part considers such phenomena as stigmatization, protracted abstinence, visions, private revelations.

The information contained in THE MYSTICAL LIFE ought to be part of the theological equipment of every seminarian before he starts out on the work of the ministry. A priest who has not already acquired this knowledge will do well to study this volume.


Pascal P. Parente: