Patti Fix-It

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Patti Fix-It

A Series of Children’s Books

Dr. Tiffany D. Tyson


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We’re introduced to Patti Fix-It, a self-described ‘Rainbow Child’ and veggie lover. In this first story in a series, Book I, Billy the Bully, Patti tells of her amazing gift to make people feel better when she ‘fixes’ their problems. In “Billy the Bully”, we see her create a positive change in a tense situation at the neighborhood playground.


Dr. Tiffany D. Tyson:
Dr. Tiffany D. Tyson is a native of Wilson, North Carolina. Dr. Tyson completed her Master of Science in Nursing Degree (MSN) at Duke University and Clinical Doctorate (DNP) in Mental Health at Robert Morris University. Dr. Tyson is a serial innovator, author, an avid social activist and a Doctor of Psychiatric Nursing Practice at OIC Family Medical Center. She is the proud founder and CEO of Tyson Multimedia Inc., an organization which is nurturing young girls from 1st to 12th grade against some grave issues that they face in their daily lives such as lack of self-esteem, bullying, peer pressure, and substance abuse. Tyson Multimedia Inc. uses innovative methods to empower women and young girls such as motivational speaking, art, literature, drama, STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) and music to address the situations they have to encounter with dignity and social respect. Her entire life has been very productive in creating fair opportunities for women. Her focus has always been to empower preteen, and teenage girls by giving them physical and psychological training so that they also can achieve their dreams faster.