A Place for You, the End of Days

A Place for You, the End of Days

Clem Suder


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the book while it is about avision i saw is also an extension of what was and is and will be. It tells of the Place Jesus said he was preparing for you. It like everything he was telling us is for the individual, not the social group or geographic area but a place for us to be able to withstand all of the terrible things that are to come. individually not as a group where you rely on what others say.


Clem Suder:
I am a veteran and a survivor of a traumatic brain injury. I am seventy years old, and retired. I have never been trained in any religious doctrine and i can say what i saw and what made sense to me. It relies exclusively on what Jesus said and what actually history records. I do not rely on what someone else said it meant but in conjunction with everything else he said. It is a form of understanding that requires a you see things through his eyes or how he saw them. So I have learned not to judge but to observe how every thing and everyone judges themselves. If you can do this you can see how not only Christian but other religions that deal within the father of all are not as separated as people make them.