Poetry for the Lost Soul

Poetry for the Lost Soul

Jeffrey Carlton


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From the darkest recesses of desperate loneliness, poetry has always had the ability to lift even the most suffering of hearts. Tempered thoughts, structured with the right words woven together with a caring heart and artistic hand, can give a troubled soul the eyes to see and the desire to appreciate the beauty of life once again. In Poetry for the Lost Soul, author Jeffrey A. Carlton experiences a rebirth into the world through his work. From the brink of death, the author rediscovers life and invites the reader to join him in his journey. Stemming from the loss of his entire family and subsequent questioning of his own self-worth, Mr. Carlton uses poetry to come to terms with himself, with his God, and with the imminence of death. Through these poems he fights to conquer the evils that are trying to envelop him, enabling him to pull himself from death’s doorstep through his writing.


Jeffrey Carlton:
Jeffrey A. Carlton was born in Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania, in 1953. During his youth he traveled extensively until settling in Canadensis, Pennsylvania, when he still lives. Attending Bloomfield College in New Jersey, he received a BA in the Fine Arts. After living through the deaths of his two siblings and his truest love, Mr. Carlton entered a period of his life in which much was somber. He emerged from this dark period through his poetry. Now whether he finds himself cursed in the shadows or graced with the light, he has been blessed with a healthy new outlook on life The author has had his work published previously in an earlier 1995 edition by the now defunct Carlton Press and also won a poetry award for the poem A Matter of Time, written for his true love.