Keeping It Real

Keeping It Real

Rev. Dr. Margaret Jean Howard


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Life is precious and everyone should make the most of it. This book is about experiencing the joys of living in the face of adversities. It's about remaining loyal to one's goals and aspirations in life and accepting responsibilities for the present and future. It's about bringing forth life and being unprepared for what was required and being willing to learn in the moment as life unfolds. It's about committing to being the best mother one could be, because every child is a gift from God and deserves to be loved unconditionally. It's about never giving up on oneself and learning from one's failures and successes. It's about a hope for a better tomorrow and being grateful in the present. It is, also, about discovering the love of God and learning to live to please God each day.


Rev. Dr. Margaret Jean Howard:
Rev. Dr. Margaret Jean Howard is an ordained minister in the American Baptist Churches and retired general dentist. Her humble beginnings motivated and inspired her to pursue and obtain as much education as possible which resulted in five college degrees. As she was attending different colleges, she was a wife, mother of two children, working full time, being active in her church, and addressing social justice issues on a local, state, and national levels. Her life experiences are vast, and she believes in sharing her experiences with others in hopes that others will find solace and confirmation that they too can overcome their problems and enjoy life as they are living in the moment each day. She is the founder of the Keeping It Real Mentoring Program (KIRMP) for eighth grade girls. The main purposes are to inspire and motivate teens in developing self-confidence and self-esteem during crucial phases of their young lives as well as guiding and instructing them in making good decisions in the moment and for the future.