Who’s Watching

Who’s Watching

Telena D.


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This is a story about two friends, whose lives are as different as an interstate and an old dirt road. Tena is all about Money and Material things. She is in a horrible relationship and is about to be pushed to the edge of life or death situation. Monae is so stuck on herself until she does not pay attention to her surroundings. An intriguing phone call and a handsome man enters her life, and now she has to make a decision to live in a fantasy world or face reality. Both of them will have to choose which path they will take, either move all the way to the High road or continue to keep dirty little secrets on the low road.


Telena D.:
Telena D, Is an Tennessee native, Wife and mother of four. She Loves family time and romantic getaway with her husband. While being a full time stay at home mom, writing Urban fiction books and Poetry is what she enjoys. It gives her the escape she needs from everyday life. She took a chance and stepped out on Faith to create “Who Watching” so she could give readers a reason to want more of her wild imagination.