Fundamentals and Innovations in Solar Energy

Fundamentals and Innovations in Solar Energy


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This book provides recent trends and innovation in solar energy. It covers the basic principles and applications of solar energy systems. Various topics covered in this book include introduction and overview of solar energy, solar PV generation, solar thermal generation, innovative applications of solar energy, smart energy system, smart grid and sustainability, solar energy forecasting, advances in solar battery, thermal storage of solar energy, solar energy pricing, advances in hybrid solar system, solar system tracking for maximum power generation, phase change materials and its application, sensitivity analysis in solar systems, environmental feasibility of solar hybrid systems, regulatory implications of solar energy integration with grid, impact of the photovoltaic integration on the hydrothermal dispatch on power systems and potential and financial evaluation of floating solar PV in Thailand—a case study. This book will be useful for the students, academicians, researchers, policymakers, economists and professionals working in the area of solar energy.