The World of 5G

The World of 5G

Volume 1: Internet of Everything

Quan Xue, Wenquan Che


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5th Generation (5G) technology has been regarded as a critically important supporting technology for industrial evolution. This book begins by tracing the development of 5G mobile communication, including the characteristics and limitations of different editions.

It then covers the technical characteristics of 5G and its possible potential applications in every aspect of our lives, as well as projections of lives after 5G.

Further to the technical introduction, the authors also look into the social domination of 5G technology and its implications.


  • Progress of Civilization with Information: The Never-Ending Human Quest
  • 5G Roars: The Internet of Everything Comes True
  • Magic Enabling of 5G: Tremendous Social Shift Empowering Human Life
  • Beyond Imagination: The Way Ahead in the Era of 'Technology as the King'

Readership: Undergraduate students with relevant or similar professional background in communications. High school students who are interested in electric and communication technologies.

Key Features:

  • Aimed at satisfying the curiosity of the public on 5G technology and to inspire practitioners to seize the opportunities made possible by 5G technology
  • This book presents the social transformation brought about by 5G technology
  • This book provides an introduction to the way 5G will impact our lives in all possible ways


Quan Xue: