Studies in the History of Monetary Theory

Studies in the History of Monetary Theory

Controversies and Clarifications

David Glasner


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This book presents an alternative approach to monetary theory that differs from the General Theory of Keynes, the Monetarism of Friedman, and the New Classicism of Lucas. Particular attention is given to the work of Hawtrey and his analysis of financial crises and his explanation of the Great Depression. The unduly neglected monetary theory of Hawtrey is examined in the context of his contemporaries Keynes and Hayek and the subsequent contributions of Friedman and of the Monetary Approach to the Balance of Payments.

Studies in the History of Monetary Theory aims to highlight the misunderstandings of the quantity theory and the price-specie-flow mechanism and to explain their unfortunate consequences for the subsequent development of monetary theory. The book is relevant to researchers, students, and policymakers interested in the history of economic thought, monetary theory, and monetary policy.


David Glasner:
David Glasner received his PhD in economics from UCLA. He is the author of Free Banking and Monetary Reform and editor of Business Cycles and Depressions: An Encyclopedia.