Atlas of Lymph Node Anatomy

Atlas of Lymph Node Anatomy


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This book is a comprehensive atlas on lymph node anatomy and drainage to aid in cancer staging and therapy. Nodal drainage is pertinent to all aspects of cancer staging and therapy and is used by radiation oncologists, surgeons, and medical oncologists to increase accuracy. The first edition of this text was the first comprehensive monograph on this topic, allowing physicians across various specialties to utilize this information and easily share that knowledge with residents, fellows, and junior faculty.

Detailed anatomic drawings and state-of-the-art radiologic images combine to produce this essential Atlas of Lymph Node Anatomy. Utilizing the most recent advances in medical imaging, this book illustrates the nodal drainage stations in the head and neck, chest, abdomen, and pelvis. Also featured are clinical cases depicting drainage pathways for common malignancies. 2-D and 3-D maps offer color-coordinated representations of the lymph nodes in correlation with the anatomic illustrations. This simple, straightforward approach makes this book a perfect daily resource for a wide spectrum of specialties and physicians at all levels who are looking to gain a better understanding of lymph node anatomy and drainage.

This new edition enables physicians to educate themselves on the location of various nodal stations, especially in the context of common primary tumors, so that they are able to detect, localize, and characterize nodes seen with novel new imaging methods and with an increased level of accuracy. Chapters now cover the significant strides made in the imaging realm, such as PET CT, conventional MRI, MRI with novel imaging agents, and multidetector CT, which allows visualization of lymph nodes in various anatomic compartments.