The Future of Prevention and Treatment of Breast Cancer

The Future of Prevention and Treatment of Breast Cancer

Jose Russo


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The objective of this book is to provide a critical analysis of the present prevention strategies for breast cancer, emphasizing the cost benefits and quality of life of the patient.


Rooted in the present knowledge of breast cancer biology and prevention and treatment options, the book will describe the future tools that could be available to oncologists and how these new approaches may change the landscape of recurrence and survival of the disease.


Special emphasis will be given to the prevention strategies counterposing the present limitations and conflicting prevention guidelines for both hereditary and preventive non-hereditary breast cancer, and propose how the implementation of new strategies based on the present knowledge could save millions of lives and be more cost efficient.


The book will present a critical status of the treatment and prevention of breast cancer and detail how a quantum leap could be achieved in the field by applying present basic research knowledge to clinical application.


Jose Russo:

Professor Jose Russo is the Director of the Irma H. Russo, MD-Breast Cancer Research Laboratory. He is a Molecular and Experimental Pathologist and board-certified in Surgical Pathology by the American College of Pathologists. He has special interest in breast cancer aiming to elucidate the mechanism of hormonal and chemical carcinogenesis, and to develop new preventive strategies against sporadic and non-sporadic breast cancer. He has pioneered the role of estrogen as a carcinogen in the human breast and developed the concept that pregnancy related hormones induce differentiation of the breast mimicking pregnancy as a new paradigm in the prevention of breast cancer. Professor Russo is author of more than 420 peer reviewed publications, 450 research abstracts and 15 books. He has received numerous research grant awards among them from the National Cancer Institute of the US National Institutor of Health, the USA Department of Defense, the American Cancer Society, The Komen foundation for the Cure and the Avon Foundation. He has trained 55 MDs and PhDs in breast cancer research and established numerous collaborations with scientists around the world.

Dr. Yanrong Su, MD, PhD is Assistant Research Professor and joined Dr Russo’s team of researchers in April of 2011. She received her doctoral degree from Peking University in China in 2003. For the last eight years, Dr. Su has been working in breast cancer research field, concentrated her attention on epigenetic modifications induced by pregnancy and human chorionic gonadotropin in human and rat mammary glands, and use of epigenetic compounds for breast cancer treatment.

Dr. Magda Johanna Vandeloo joined Dr Russo’s team in November of 2018 as a Visiting Research Scientist. Dr. Vandeloo is a Doctoral Researcher in ‘Biomedical Sciences’ at the University of Leuven ‘Faculty of Medicine’ and the Hasselt University ‘Medicine & Life Sciences’ in Belgium. The subject of her research interest is: Reproductive Factors, Air Pollution and Mammographic Breast Density.