The Sutures of the Skull

The Sutures of the Skull

Anatomy, Embryology, Imaging, and Surgery


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This book provides an in-depth review of the sutures of the skull. The premature closure of the sutures of the skull (craniosynostosis) due to genetic or metabolic etiologies results in typical progressive skull deformity, due to both the inhibition of growth caused by the affected cranial suture and associated compensatory expansion of the skull along the open ones. Today, it is well known that early diagnosis of craniosynostosis is crucial for the best surgical outcomes and for the normal development of the brain and cosmetic appearance of the skull. As such, in addition to the anatomy, biology, genetics and embryology of the sutures of the skull, the book also covers the diagnosis and treatment of different forms of craniosynostosis such as metopism, and animal models for cranial suture research.

This comprehensive work is a valuable resource for neuroscientists at all levels, from graduate students to researchers, as well as neurosurgeons, neuroanatomists, pediatricians, and neurologists seeking both basic and more advanced information on the unique structure of the sutures of the human skull.