Women in Precision Agriculture

Women in Precision Agriculture

Technological breakthroughs, Challenges and Aspirations for a Prosperous and Sustainable Future


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This book features influential scholarly research and technical contributions, professional trajectories, disciplinary shifts, personal insights, and a combination of these from a group of remarkable women scholars within precision agriculture. The authors provide a holistic and critical overview of the field of precision agriculture (both crop and livestock), highlighting breakthroughs and impactful research led by women investigators including relevant technologies, decision making strategies, practices, applications, economics, opportunities and challenges. They discuss the urgent need for reduced cost, increased productivity, more optimal use of resources, and reduced impact on our environment. The leading female researchers contributing to this book are creating new technological advances that are revolutionizing agriculture.

  • Focuses on advances in precision agriculture led by leading women researchers, scholars, and professionals;
  • Provides insight into women’s technical contributions in precision agriculture;
  • Takes a holistic approach to precision agriculture, addressing both land and livestock applications.