Gallium Oxide

Gallium Oxide

Materials Properties, Crystal Growth, and Devices


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This book provides comprehensive coverage of the new wide-bandgap semiconductor gallium oxide (Ga₂O₃). Ga₂O₃ has been attracting much attention due to its excellent materials properties. It features an extremely large bandgap of greater than 4.5 eV and availability of large-size, high-quality native substrates produced from melt-grown bulk single crystals. Ga₂O₃ is thus a rising star among ultra-wide-bandgap semiconductors and represents a key emerging research field for the worldwide semiconductor community.

Expert chapters cover physical properties, synthesis, and state-of-the-art applications, including materials properties, growth techniques of melt-grown bulk single crystals and epitaxial thin films, and many types of devices. The book is an essential resource for academic and industry readers who have an interest in, or plan to start, a new R&D project related to Ga₂O₃.