My World-Universe of Inner Peace and Humility

My World-Universe of Inner Peace and Humility

Jean-Marie Pierre


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Dialectic of Thoughts... Thorough Analysis Rational Intellect (Brainpower Mind-Power Soul-Power) Fundamental Reasoning to Psychological Understanding (Sensible Tuning within Insights) ... This book, “MY WORLD-UNIVERSE OF INNER PEACE AND HUMILITY THROUGH THE DIVINE BLESSINGS OF PATIENCE, TOLERANCE, WISDOM, AND INTEGRITY”, does reflect or transpire not only THE QUINTESSENCE OF MY TRUE NATURE or PERSONALITY, but MORE OF EVERYONE ELSE who holds themselves accountable to A SIMILAR GROUND ON THE SAME POSITIVE STAND … (More Often Than Everyone Else) ... SPIRITUAL PSYCHOLOGY WITHIN OUR DAILY LIFE-EXISTENCE This Fistful Bouquet Of A Blissful Amalgam Of Personal Fundamental Reflections (Thoughts, Beliefs, Meditations, Considerations, Philosophies…) Transpires The Boldness And The Simplicity Of My Unique Character-Personality… it simultaneously expresses The Authenticity And The Commonness (The Common Authenticity) Of My Core Identity Within The Humility Of My Genuine Humanity… Philosophy Psychology Logical Thinking Rational Analysis Positive Deductive Syllogism Sociology Philanthropy Cosmopolitism Simplicity… Life Existence Mysticism Transcendence