Youth Ministry Questions

Youth Ministry Questions

Lessons from a Life-Long Youth Worker

Mel Walker


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Mel Walker passed away on December 2, 2021. This book contains his final thoughts, lessons, and answers to some of the most important questions related to youth ministry. His goal was to leave as many resources as possible for those seeking to reach the next generation for Christ. If you have questions about youth ministry, it’s likely that this book has answers!


Mel Walker:

Mel was a youth ministry “lifer”. He devoted over 45 years of his life to reaching the next generation and training others to do the same. He was a youth pastor, mentor, professor of youth ministry, youth curriculum author and editor, author of many youth ministry articles and books, co-founder of a youth ministry organization, network, and national youth ministries conference, and director of a leadership conference for teens, among other things. His life’s dream was “that the generation to come might know” (Psalm 78:6).