The Redemption Letters

The Redemption Letters

From Death Row to Heaven: an Account of Salvation from the Darkest of Places

LeAnn Ploeger


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Have you ever invited someone to church only to be turned down with “I’d burst into flames if I walked in there”? How do you invite or even witness to people who think they are too far gone? You ask a person who was far gone but found the truth and love that Jesus offers to everyone.

The Redemption Letters offers an introduction to Roger Dale Smith, a death row inmate whose best friend was Charles Manson. While serving a commuted death-to-life sentence in Corcoran State Penitentiary in California, Roger Dale gave his life to Jesus and used his remaining time to witness to other inmates who shared his fate—including Manson himself. He had lived a life of sin, but he changed his heart and fell in love with Jesus, showing how even someone who has committed what seem like unforgivable crimes can go to heaven and have eternal life with our Lord and Savior.

This collection of letters and other writing present an account of a death row inmate’s life and his testimony of salvation, proving that no one is too far gone to receive Jesus’s love.


LeAnn Ploeger:

LeAnn Ploeger is a professional surgical first assist in an operating room. She and her husband, Ryan, travel with her job and use it as an opportunity to witness in the various places the Lord sends them.