Two Faces, Fire and Love

Two Faces, Fire and Love

Antonio Restituyo


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This book is the real life of many Christians around the world. This book talks about the two faces of love and fire that today are in many Christian people, and they cause the many people who see them to not want to go to church or be near Christian people. Many times the fault of having these two faces in the churches comes from the same church, from its priests, pastors, and leaders, oftentimes because of the bad image of Christianity created by the Christians themselves.

An incorrect image, an image different from the one that Christ wants. He wants an image of love that begins with you and flows toward others, not from others toward you. It is only this: love your neighbor as yourself. An image with only one face based on what Christ wants is what you will read in this book. Him sacrificing Himself and the value of His blood shed for our salvation is what I look forward to you seeing in this book.