Changing Face of E-commerce in Asia

Changing Face of E-commerce in Asia


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Asia has been a hub for e-commerce companies in the past decade and the growth trajectory narrates the story of bright future. Its growth has largely impacted the economic, social and technological advancements in every country and contributed to global trade. Nonetheless, the success and failure of e-commerce companies lies on various factors, some of which include product pricing, competition, strategies and business models. However, with surveys in India indicating how sale of counterfeit products remains a significant problem for online shoppers across many e-commerce sites, e-commerce companies claim they are taking tough steps to ensure that counterfeit products do not make their way to customers, by delisting fraud sellers, using tamper-proof packaging and monitoring warehouses.This book aims to unwrap the stories of e-commerce companies in Asia and how they have contributed to the society. It discusses the growth and failures of some e-commerce giants and looks at both theoretical and practical aspects of e-commerce by presenting the issues, challenges and successes of e-commerce businesses. It examines interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary aspects from micro and macro perspectives and links disciplines like strategy, management, entrepreneurship, competitiveness, finance, technology and operations.Contents:

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  • Past, Present and Future of E-Commerce:
    • Economies of Scale in E-Commerce Firms (Vivek Singh, Rahul Singh, Sourav Kumar and Manish Sinha)
    • Industry 4.0 and Growth of E-Commerce (Tanvi Gupta, Susmita Majumdar, Sonali Bhattacharya and K Rajagopal)
  • Aligning Marketing Activities for E-Commerce:
    • Understanding Customer Needs and Innovation in E-Commerce (Senthil Kumar, Srinivas, Sai Krishna, Pratima Sheorey and Gauri Joshi)
    • Branding and Advertisement in E-Commerce Websites (Hariharakrishnan Sethumadhavan, Aviral Bajpai, Satya Prakash Kundan, Vaishali Mahajan and K Rajagopal)
    • Customization of Product/Service on E-Commerce Websites (Ambika Singh, Aditya G Inamdar, Ajithakumari R Kaimal, Vaishali Mahajan and Richa Priya)
    • Customer Analytics in E-Business Management (Amey Bhadkamkar, Komal Garg, Divyanshu Pawaskar, Monica Kunte and Gauri Joshi)
    • Recommendation System Using Engagement and Social Media Analytics for Indian E-Commerce Giants (Anirban Biswas, Pankaj Dutta and Balaji Raman)
  • Managing Human Resource in E-Commerce:
    • HR practices in E-Commerce Industry (Monica Kunte, Sanjay Bhattacharya and Pooja Sharma)
    • Innovation in HR Practices in E-Commerce: A Case Study on Alibaba (Sushobhan Sensharma, Sharan Kotagiri, Vivek ShankarNarayan, Netra Neelam and Vinita Sinha)
  • Business Operations in E-Commerce Firms:
    • Role of Analytics in E-Commerce Supply Chain Management (Prashant Chavan, Kartik Neb, Rohit Shakya and Suhas Ambekar)
    • Forward and Reverse Logistics in E-Commerce Firms (Himanshu, Siddhant Singh Chandel and Kedar Bhagwat)
    • Warehousing and Facility Location in E-Commerce (Chandrima Bhattacharya, Saumya Saurabh, Mainak Sanyal and Manoj Hudnurkar)
    • Computer Vision Enabled for Corrective Packaging (Kumar Saurabh, Tanya Singh and Rahul Hiremath)
    • Operational Challenges Faced by E-Commerce Industry During COVID-19 Era (Kavya Gopakumar, M Suresh and Pankaj Dutta)
  • Information Technology and Analytics in E-Commerce:
    • Role of Database Management in E-Commerce Firms (Prince Bharadwaj, Sameer Kumar, Ashwin Raj and Manoj Hudnurkar)
    • Role of Big Data Analytics in E-Commerce (Aasif Hussain, Ayushi Pal, Kaumil Adani, Sonali Bhattacharya and Suhas Ambekar)
    • Cloud Computing and Data Mining in E-Commerce (Manasi Kawathekar, Niharika, Rashika Auti, Manoj Hudnurkar and Manish Sinha)
    • Role of E-Commerce Coupled with Digital Technology During COVID-19 Crisis in Asia (Pratistha Chandra, Pankaj Dutta and Chung-Hsing Yeh)
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Readership: Undergraduate and post graduate management students interested in e-commerce and e-business management (specifically in human resources, marketing, information technology and analytics, operations management, finance and general management), scholars who want to pursue research in the domain of e-commerce in the Asian context.E-commerce;E-business;Asia;Online Business;Online Shopping;E-commerce Management;E-business Management;Asian Studies in e-commerce;Finance in E-commerce;E-commerce Analytics;Marketing in E-commerce;E-commerce;Supply Chain;E-commerce Operations0Key Features:
  • One of its kind to triangulate marketing, operations and technology in context to e-commerce organizations in Asia
  • Presents a balanced flavor of the both as it intends to discuss cases and theory-based studies with respect to E-commerce organizations
  • Contains chapters depicting, emergence, growth and sustainability of e-commerce firms and also case studies from different sectors under e-commerce