Advice from Aristotle

Advice from Aristotle

Life Lessons from the Nicomachean Ethics

Andrew Younan


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Aristotle knew things about happiness, habits, and human nature. This book is about his book, the Nichomachean Ethics. What this book will NOT do: -Make you feel good. -Make you rich. -Make you a good person. -Make you happy. What this book MIGHT do: -Teach you some tips on how to become a better person.  -And that might make you happy, which feels pretty good. -And maybe that will help you get rich (I don't know, I've never done that). Want to know how being good, being happy, and feeling good are related? Buy this book.  And then read it.  Or buy it for your kids or nephews or whatever.


Andrew Younan:
Andrew Younan is a priest of the Chaldean Catholic Church and a philosophy professor. He translates Aramaic, writes on laws of nature, teaches seminarians, annoys his cat, and plays a mediocre mandolin.