Who Do You Want To Be On The Way To What You Want?

Who Do You Want To Be On The Way To What You Want?

Coaching With The Empowerment Dynamic

Donna Zajonc


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Deepen Your CREATIVITY andStrengthen Your INFLUENCEas a leader and coach.How do I, and my clients, learn from ourreactive habits instead of pushing them away?Why do the same habits keep reappearingin the first place?How can my drama patterns show me theway to being the person I want to be?
If you're familiar with David Emerald's teachingstory, The Power of TED* (*The EmpowermentDynamic), you will recognize the main character inthis book: Sophia, the coach who walks with Ted andDavid. In this new story, we look in on Sophia manyyears later, after she has become an experiencedprofessional coach. You will hear Sophia's internaldialogue, her doubts and worries, as she learns toquiet her mind in service of coaching a headstrongclient. The coaching dialogue here reveals tools andmethods intended to help you coach and empoweryourself as well as others.


Donna Zajonc:
Donna Zajonc, MCC is Director of Coaching for The Center for The Empowerment Dynamic. She served three terms in the Oregon Legislature and was her party's nominee for Secretary of State. Deeply curious about the inner landscape of the human mind, Donna fully embraced professional coaching in 2001, later joining her husband David in their 3 Vital Questions and The Empowerment Dynamic leadership training and facilitation. She lives in the Pacific Northwest and enjoys daily beach walks, good books, sampling dark chocolate, and hanging out with her children and grandchildren. Ceci Miller: Consultant in content development, branding, marketing, and publishing. Book editor and author.