Hidden Hills

Hidden Hills

Cheryl Knoll


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I’m sure there are many people like me with hidden hills in their lives. Some upward climbs, some downward slides. Some look back to see how far you’ve come. There are some beautiful things in the hidden hills, also some weariness. We lose people we love, and they stay somewhere in those hills. People come and go in our hills. We seem to come upon patches of flowers we admire and some we choose. Then there are the birds, so many beautiful birds. It is amazing to watch a big hawk ride the current for a long ride and not even flap its wings until it runs out of current or hits a little turbulence. That happens to a lot of people. We ride the wind, and then sometimes you must help yourself stay up when the current stops or when we hit a rough patch.

We grow through our experiences in our hidden hills, and we are better for what we’ve been through. God is always with us on our journeys and in our dealings in those hills. Keep a tight hold of his hand. I do. God’s hands are always reaching out for you. The feelings he will give back to you are amazing. There is some daydreaming here and there in those hills. A sprinkle here and a spoonful there help make some things in life more palatable. Just don’t overdo it. A little daydreaming and a lot of living life, that’s a good balance. Let your scales always weigh on the heavy side when it comes to God. His weight brings blessings. God is not hiding in the hidden hills. He is everywhere for everyone who is looking for him.