Decolonization and White Africans

Decolonization and White Africans

The “Winds of Change,” Resistance, and Beyond

P. Eric Louw


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Decolonization and White Africans examines how African decolonization affected white Africans in eight countries – Algeria, Kenya, Northern Rhodesia (Zambia), Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), Angola, Mozambique, South West Africa (Namibia), and South Africa – and discusses their varied responses to decolonization, including resistance, acquiescence, negotiations, and migration. It also examines the range of mechanisms used by the global community to compel white Africans into submitting to decolonization through such means as official pressure, diplomatic negotiations, global activism, sanctions, and warfare. Until now, books about African decolonization usually approached the topic either from the perspective of the colonial powers or from an anti-colonial black African perspective. As a result, white African perspectives have been marginalized, downplayed, or presented reductively. Decolonization and White Africans adds white African perspectives to the story, thereby broadening our understanding of the decolonization phenomenon.


P. Eric Louw:
P. Eric Louw’s career has spanned universities in both South Africa and Australia. He has published extensively in the fields of political communication and South African politics. His books include The Rise, Fall, and Legacy of Apartheid; Roots of the Pax Americana; and The Media and Political Process.