Speed Write Your Life Story

Speed Write Your Life Story

From Blank Spaces to Great Pages in Just 90 Days

Mark Victor Hansen, Steve Gottry


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You have something no one else in the entire world has . . . your personal life story. Perhaps telling it has been a dream of yours for years, or maybe seeing the title has given you the inspiration. Whatever the reason, this book will help you write your life story in just 90 days, while spending only 22 minutes per day.

Why write your story? Wouldn’t you like to share your memories with those you love today along with all future generations? Don’t you ever wish that you knew more about your grandparents, great-grandparents and maybe even own parents? What was their life like? What were their hopes and dreams? How are you like them? What knowledge would they have passed on to make your life easier?

This book is about what you will impart to present and future gen¬erations. It was written in a way that will help you recall the people and events in your life who contributed to the person you are today. In order to jog your memory, you will be answering questions and learning inter¬esting tricks that will help uncomplicate the writing process.

Since the book will be based on your memories, you may want to grab your journals, your photo albums, and your memory box—most likely stuffed with old report cards, diplomas, newspaper clippings and souve-nirs. These will help as you think back on your life and the memorable moments in it. Recording your wisdom, experiences, and memories for all future generations is a gift that only you can give. Go from blank spaces to great pages in just 90 days!


Mark Victor Hansen:
Mark Victor Hansen is an American inspirational and motivational speaker, trainer and author. He is best known as the founder and co-creator of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" book series|||Communications executive Steve Gottry is the author of a number of books, including, with time-management guru Ken Blanchard, The On-Time, On-Target Manager: How a "Last-Minute Manager" Conquered Procrastination.