In the Deepest of Pain God Dies

In the Deepest of Pain God Dies

Awaken the Lion in This Cub!

Clairon T Hall


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In this theatrical suspense of real crisis, this book takes you into the depths and heart of the hurting soul in nine different aspects. Here, you will find that in many cases the tree of the human person that bears certain fruits in their behavior, is a by- product of the seed that was sown in the area of their soul. Seeds of molestation, rape and abuse tend to produce trees that bear fruits of rage, bitterness, rebellion, hate, jealousy and even murder. Those seeds of rejection oftentimes result in trees bearing fruits of distrust, inferiority, low self-esteem and inadequacy. These many issues can be a deteriorating factor in an individual’s life, and can be very destructive to society.
However, this book gives the basic foundations upon which one can build by first discovering the remedy for inner healing, then having the opportunity to build on a solid foundation for spiritual, mental, psychological, and emotional growth and development.


Clairon T Hall:

As a survivor of life’s uncanny allusions, and devastation that left him with years void of inner healing, Clairon has proven to be one that has truly triumphed, and having gleaned from the wisdom of God, is able to lead others out of situations in life where so many got stuck in their own personal growth and development. The child has morphed into the adult, but the adult is stuck at the place of developmental stage where the child got hurt. To turn away from the pain that we carry, is to ignore the open wound that must be nurtured. This many different insights from his very own life would bring about a better understanding to others as to why certain things happen or, in many cases, why they don’t.