Dee's Stories: The Big C

Dee's Stories: The Big C

Diksha Shah


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Dee is an ordinary girl with three extraordinary stories to tell. This is the story of The Big C.
Dee was a normal, healthy kid growing up. That was until something happened that meant her life was suddenly turned upside down. At the age of 12, Dee was diagnosed with the frightening ‘C’ word that everybody knew – Cancer. Dee’s experiences of receiving the bad news, having treatment and surviving this dreaded disease are shared in this story.


Diksha Shah:
Diksha is a primary school teacher in London, and a first-time author. Dee’s Stories is a collection of stories based on some of her challenging experiences and encounters as a child. With a passion for educating children and sharing her stories, Diksha offers a personal insight into some sensitive issues which often affect children all over the world.