The Great Pyramid and Connections with the Bible

The Great Pyramid and Connections with the Bible

Pyramidology V



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The book is about the work of Dr. Adam Rutherford and his son James Rutherford engineer, and master. Their main result is that the Great Pyramid is in fact „Bible in stone“ in Mathematics, and the Egypt measurement is 1,001 British Inch. Therefore understandably British specialist thought that the message of the Great Pyramid is specially to UK and USA as these nations use Inch. USA (Manaseh tribe) and UK (Efraim tribe). These measurements were prior used also in Iceland, and other countries. Because of this Dr. Adam Rutherford got special support from British authorities, and also got support from 20 – 30 best specialist, mostly from UK. The only error in their massive books are End Time calculation´s are wrong, and this is explained thoroughly in this book. The result is agreed by the best specialist. And now going to Ph.D. defense. Isaiah 19.19-20 is clearly showing that the Great Pyramid is „Bible in Stone“ or in Mathematics. This is of course very interesting subject and showing behind the today curtains of the World.


Erlingur Thorsteinsson is Economist and teacher, and inventor, ex Icelandic champion in long distance running mostly 3000/5000 meters, chess and bridge player, finishing Ph.D. essay. This has been 28 years work with other jobs. Working mostly as a teacher, teaching Mathematics, Economics and Computer, but also various other jobs, and working on projects in various fields. Was president of Icelandic inventors from 5 November 2007 to late 2009. Wrote final essay in Economics about Quality in Fisheries in Iceland 1987 and useful for Fish industry in Iceland using Just In Time and Total Quality Control. Concerning Theology, I have never rejected God as it is unscientifically, but went rather seldom to Church. Having 4 daughters and 2 grand daughters.