Jack's Bubbles

Jack's Bubbles

Jacqueline Hall


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This is the delightful story of Jack, a friendly and helpful boy, who is whisked away on an adventure that takes him away to a world of bubbles. He encounters bubble friends who take him to a bubbly ball where he meets exotic musicians. His new friends introduce him to their games of football, rugby and cricket – even marbles – until a large bubble bully comes along and tries to spoil their fun. However, Jack rids them of the unpleasant troublemaker.


Jacqueline Hall:
Jacqueline Hall attained a BEd (hons), after four years’ training as a school teacher, and attained an MA later whilst focusing on teaching children with special needs. Her achievement in this field was recognised by a number of schools in South East Essex, and gave cause for her to lecture on this specialised subject.
The children always enjoyed working with her. Even after her retirement, there was always a demand for her to help children due to her success with teaching slow learners; however, with more time to herself, the idea of Jack’s Bubbles formed and blossomed into a delightful story.