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In order to learn the ropes of her family’s company she is destined to inherit, 23-year-old Serena McLane is forced to marry Damien Stryker, a successful businessman and son of her father’s longtime friend. Serena wants no part in this unexpected arrangement, especially since every interaction she’s had with Damien has proven him to be arrogant and aloof, but as per usual, what her father says goes.

Sensing her reluctance to follow her father’s plans, Damien suggests they go along with the engagement until Serena feels confident in running her father’s company, then they can call it off and get back to their lives. Serena agrees, and the two settle into their new lives as a pretend-engaged couple.

As they spend more time together, Serena wonders if she’s written Damien off too soon. However, as she tries to get to know him more, his mysterious persona does not falter. Damien has secrets, and the arrangement they have may not be as innocent as it once seemed. As Serena pieces together the truth about Damien, as well as secrets about her own family, she embroils herself further into danger and Damien may be the only person who can save her.


Sofia Khan:
Sofia Kahn started writing on Wattpad as a teenager to get away from the highs and lows of high school. Her stories range in genre from romance to fantasy, but her brightest writing achievement is Damien, which has amassed over 41 million reads on the platform. Sofia can be found curled up with a warm cup of tea in her hand while devouring her latest read and simultaneously procrastinating on her newest work.