Outboard Jets

Outboard Jets

Guide to Installations and Performance

Edward West


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This Guide Book contains much information, from where and how to install outboard Jet motors, engineering design details of tunnels, boat bottom designs, detail explanations as to how jet pumps work, to answering common operational and performance questions and much, much more. It is also set up to be used as a reference guide for continuous use when providing these services to outboard jet boat set ups. With all this extensive general and specific detail information, the following people will benefit from reading and using this guide. 1. People looking to buy a Jet boat setup— 2. New jet boat owners— 3. Long time owners/ operators of outboard jets-- 4. Outboard jet motor installers— 5. Trouble shooters—Installation and or operational issues 6. Sales personal of outboard jet motors and outboard jet boat packages. 7. Especially people who works on their own Jet boat set ups— 8. And of course for anyone just wanting to know more about outboard jets installations and the proper design of boats