Running, Thinking, Writing

Running, Thinking, Writing

Embodied Cognition in Composition

Jackie Hoermann-Elliott


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For the creative fulfillment of writers who identify as runners, walkers, or movers, Running, Thinking, Writing: Embodied Cognition in Composition unveils the varied understandings of the relationship between writing activity and physical activity. Jackie Hoermann-Elliott provides an interdisciplinary overview of relevant research from the fields of composition studies, cognitive science, neuroscience, and sports psychology before proposing a new theoretical framework for explaining what happens to writers when they are moved to develop their writing while their bodies are in motion. She shares illuminating accounts from runner-writers working in the industries of journalism, academia, and youth literature. She also provides pedagogical insights from working with student writers on embodied writing assignments as well as introductory activities for instructors to try in their own classrooms. With a running metaphor guiding the chapters in this book, readers will be challenged to view writing as embodied cognition and to realize the benefits of embodiment for all writers.


Jackie Hoermann-Elliott:
Jackie Hoermann-Elliott is an Assistant Professor of English and the Director of the First-Year Composition Program at Texas Woman’s University. Her scholarship has been published in national journals, such as Composition Forum, and regional ones, such as Texas’s Conference of College Teachers of English Studies.