Nanotechnology For Electronics, Photonics, Biosensors, And Emerging Technologies

Nanotechnology For Electronics, Photonics, Biosensors, And Emerging Technologies


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This volume on Nanotechnology in Electronics, Photonics, Biosensors, and Emerging Technologies comprises research papers spanning from novel materials and devices, biosensors and bio-nano-systems, artificial intelligence, robotics and emerging technologies, to applications in each of these fields. These include blockchain improving security; ultra-sensitive Point of Care biosensor for detecting pathogeneses and detection of RNA-Virus infections; and advanced materials and devices such as ROM for anti-reverse engineering, FPGA bit-stream encryption, switching transients in memristors, and high-speed multi-bit logic and memories. Applications such as 3D-4D inkjet-printed wireless ultra-broadband modules for IOT, smarttag, and smart city applications are also included. In the area of material synthesis, carbon nanotube synthesis, III-nitride film growth via plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition are noted. Threading dislocation behavior in InGaAs/GaAs (001) superlattice buffer layers brings a novel approach.Papers presented in this volume cover various aspects of high performance materials and devices for implementing high-speed electronic systems. This volume will serve as a useful reference for recent developments in nanotechnology.