Climate Change And Sustainable Agriculture

Climate Change And Sustainable Agriculture


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This book to comprehensively present the standard methodologies for studying the impacts of climate change on agriculture, measuring and developing inventories of greenhouse gas emission, and analyzing the vulnerabilities and mitigation options. The book describes the methodology in a simple and lucid way so that a researcher can adopt it in field studies. Individual chapters are dedicated to subjects such as quantification of climate change impacts on crops in controlled and field conditions, impacts of climate change on water resources, soil fertility, erosion and carbon sequestration, insects, pests, weeds, microbes and diseases; greenhouse gas emission assessment, assessment of regional vulnerability to climate change, selection of crop. The book converted its 23 chapters into four sections. The 1st section deals with recent mitigation strategies developed by the scientists to reduce the effect of climate changes and promote the Sustainable Agriculture by different ways viz., Role of Marker in Development of Climate Resilient Varieties. Section 2 deals with the conservation agriculture and mitigation strategies, Biofertilizers helps in development of sustainable agricultural practices. Section 3 deals with impact of climate change on pest scenario across the crops and has given insight on possible avoidance of pests. Final sections deals with the agroforestry and how they can minimise their affect of climate change. Finally section 4th deals with Impact of climate change crop and livestock sectors and strategies for mitigation and adaptation. Role of ICT and extension agencies on framing policies and effective dissemination of technologies were discussed.