Odor Emissions and Control for Collections Systems and Water Resource Recovery Facilities

Odor Emissions and Control for Collections Systems and Water Resource Recovery Facilities

Second Edition

Water Environment Federation


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Odor Emissions and Control for Collection Systems and Water Resource Recovery Facilities, 2nd edition, is intended to be the primary reference document for current standards of practice for professionals involved in odor control at wastewater treatment facilities and collections systems. This manual covers all aspects of odor control in wastewater conveyance and treatment facilities, including the basics of odor testing and emissions, sensory analysis, local and state regulations, public outreach, and the technologies used to treat odors. Odor testing and control have undergone rapid advancements since the publication of the first edition of the Water Environment Federation's Manual of Practice 25, Control of Odors and Emissions from Wastewater Treatment Plants. The second edition brings an expanding body of knowledge and real-world experiences to the reader, and it embodies the current state of practice in the industry. The entire manual provides a comprehensive look at all aspects of odor control in the industry today. A new feature of this manual not included in the 2004 edition is the chapter entitled "Collection Systems," which addresses ventilation of sewers, air treatment, and chemical treatment. Odor control in water resource recovery facilities (WRRFs) and solids handling facilities are also covered extensively. This manual also presents best available biological, chemical, and physical technologies for controlling odors; information on analyzing, measuring, and sampling odors; and tools for assessing odor impacts in surrounding neighborhoods and communities. In short, this manual teaches the proper aspects of how to be a good neighbor and share clean air around a treatment facility, while still providing indispensable wastewater services to the larger community.


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