Fast Facts: Cholangiocarcinoma

Fast Facts: Cholangiocarcinoma

Diagnostic and therapeutic advances are improving outcomes

R.T. Shroff, C. Braconi


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Cholangiocarcinomas (CCAs) are a group of heterogeneous tumors that have traditionally had poor prognosis. Despite being rare, the global incidence of CCA has increased dramatically over the last few decades. However, alongside this, there have been advancements in our understanding, diagnosis and treatment, improving the overall survival and quality of life of patients with advanced disease. This compact yet comprehensive review of CCA serves as a guide for physicians, oncologists, allied health professionals, scientists, patients and caregivers to update their knowledge of the most recent clinical developments and most promising areas of research. Table of Contents: • Pathophysiology, etiology and epidemiology • Diagnosis • Biliary drainage and supportive care • Surgical resection and transplantation • Translational research • Systemic therapy • Immunotherapy • Radiotherapy and photodynamic therapy


R.T. Shroff: