Successful Gardening In Utah

Successful Gardening In Utah

How to Design a Permanent Solution for Your Garden That is Low Water and 95 Percent Weed Free!

Caleb Warnock


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The author of Forgotten Skills of Self-Sufficiency shares the secrets to maintaining an abundant garden in the Rocky Mountain West.

Gardening in Utah is unlike gardening anywhere else. Lack of summer rain, daytime heat, and insect infestation are just a few of the challenges we often face in the high desert climate. But Caleb Warnock offers simple solutions to these and many other issues in this accessible guide written specifically for gardening in the Beehive State.

Using his decades of self-sufficiency experience, Caleb makes Utah gardening easy enough for anyone to have a successful harvest. In this volume he covers:

  • How to solve your garden problems once and for all
  • How to have a low-water garden in one of the driest climates in the US
  • How to easily keep your garden 95% weed-free!


Caleb Warnock:

Caleb Warnock is the popular author of Forgotten Skills of Self-Sufficiency, The Art of Baking with Natural Yeast, Backyard Winter Gardening For All Climates, More Forgotten Skills, Trouble's On The Menu, and the Backyard Renaissance Collection. He is the owner of and blogs at, where you will find a link to join his email list to learn more about forgotten skills.